Can foreigners buy property in Dominican Republic?

13 december 2022

Yes, foreigners can buy property in the Dominican Republic. In fact, the Dominican Republic has a relatively open and welcoming policy towards foreign investors, and there are no restrictions on the type of property that foreigners can buy.

However, there are a few legal requirements and steps that foreign buyers must follow in order to purchase property in the Dominican Republic. These include obtaining a tax identification number (RNC) from the country’s tax authority, hiring a local lawyer to handle the legal aspects of the transaction, and obtaining a cédula (ID card) from the local municipality where the property is located.

Additionally, foreign buyers must be aware of the various taxes and fees associated with purchasing property in the Dominican Republic. These can include transfer taxes, stamp duties, and other fees. A local lawyer can help foreign buyers navigate these requirements and ensure that the property purchase process goes smoothly.

Overall, the Dominican Republic is a relatively open and welcoming place for foreign investors who are interested in purchasing property. By following the legal requirements and working with a local lawyer, foreign buyers can easily buy property in the country.

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