Abraham Lincoln Santo Domingo

13 december 2022

Abraham Lincoln is best known for being the 16th President of the United States and for his role in the abolition of slavery. However, Lincoln also had a significant impact on the history of the Dominican Republic, specifically the city of Santo Domingo.

In the mid-1800s, Santo Domingo was a Spanish colony and was embroiled in a civil war between supporters of Spanish rule and those who wanted independence. In 1861, Lincoln sent U.S. Navy ships to the Dominican Republic to protect American interests and to prevent foreign intervention in the conflict.

In 1862, Lincoln also sent a team of diplomats to Santo Domingo to negotiate a settlement between the two sides. The negotiations ultimately resulted in the signing of the Santo Domingo Accords, which granted the Dominican Republic its independence from Spain.

In addition to his role in the Dominican Republic’s independence, Lincoln also helped to establish diplomatic relations between the United States and the newly independent nation. He appointed a U.S. minister to the Dominican Republic and, in 1867, the two countries signed a treaty of friendship and commerce.

Today, Lincoln is remembered in Santo Domingo for his contributions to the city’s history. There is a statue of Lincoln in the Plaza de la Bandera, and the city’s main library is named after him. In addition, the Lincoln School, a private bilingual school, is located in Santo Domingo.

Overall, Lincoln’s involvement in the Dominican Republic’s struggle for independence and his establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries is an important chapter in both the history of the United States and the Dominican Republic.

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