Purchase Broker

Got your eye on a new home or commercial property? Sun Life Real Estate supports you as your purchase broker on the Caribbean islands. We will guide you through the process of purchasing your dream home or commercial property safely, and at the best price possible.

Active and goal-oriented

Nothing is more annoying than a long purchase process that keeps dragging on and on. Of course, you want to purchase your dream house or commercial property on the Caribbean islands as quickly as possible, for the right amount and without any hidden defects or cost. Sun Life Real Estate is known for being active and goal-oriented. We have the right connections with the authorities and other agencies like notaries, construction companies and lawyers. Working together with Sun Life Real Estate means security and speed.

No cure, No pay

The result is what matters, especially when it comes to large purchases. That is why we work on a “No Cure, No Pay” basis. You only pay us once you have purchased your dream house. In addition, we have a very competitive and performance-oriented rate. Your benefit is our added value.

Numerous satisfied customers

We are proud to say that most of our customers are very satisfied. Over the years we have saved real estate buyers a lot in terms of money, time and energy.

Across the Caribbean

Purchasing real estate in the most parts of the Caribbean is similar to the rest of the world. The sales broker comes up a provisional agreement and you have it checked by a lawyer or your purchase broker. Then, all documents are brought to the bank (if applicable). As soon as your finances are settled, the notary is instructed to execute what is described in the provisional sales agreement. All payments are made through a third-party account of the notary so that you’re not exposed to any financial risks. The amount is only transferred by the notary to the seller once the property’s title has been transferred to the buyer.

Hiring a purchase broker on the Caribbean?

Do you also want to save a lot of time, money and avoid worrying while you are purchasing a property on Dominican Republic, Curacao and Sint Maarten?

Then please contact us at info@sunlife.realestate