Casa de campo

13 december 2022

Casa de Campo is a luxury resort located in the Dominican Republic. Situated on the southeastern coast of the island, the resort covers an area of 7,000 acres and features a variety of amenities, including world-class golf courses, a marina, and a luxury village.

One of the highlights of Casa de Campo is its golf courses. The resort features three 18-hole courses, designed by legendary golfer Pete Dye. The courses, which have been ranked among the best in the Caribbean, offer stunning ocean views and challenging play. In addition to the courses, the resort also offers a golf academy and a pro shop.

In addition to golf, Casa de Campo also offers a variety of other activities and amenities. The marina at the resort is home to over 200 slips and can accommodate yachts up to 230 feet in length. The marina also offers a variety of water sports, including fishing, sailing, and snorkeling.

The resort’s luxury village, Altos de Chavón, is modeled after a 16th-century Mediterranean village and features cobblestone streets, shops, restaurants, and galleries. The village is also home to the Altos de Chavón School of Design, which offers courses in fashion, graphic design, and other creative fields.

Overall, Casa de Campo is a luxurious and beautiful resort that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to play a round of golf, go boating, or simply relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings, Casa de Campo has it all.

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